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Shield Reunited

We go right to the ring and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz is already out for another edition of MizTV. Curtis Axel is with him. There are three Mizzie awards on a podium. The first goes to Axel for perseverance. Fans chant "you deserve it" as Axel takes the mic for his acceptance speech. He dedicates the award to Bo Dallas, who isn't here tonight. Miz says they are thinking of Bo and hopes he gets well soon. The second award is a tie, for best supporting actors, and it goes to Cesaro and Sheamus. Miz introduces The Bar and out they come as Cole welcomes us to RAW.Sheamus says they are honored to accept the award. He says they took The Bar to new heights last week. He thanks the man who made it possible last week - Roman Reigns. Sheamus says he just wanted to beat Reigns down more. Sheamus mocks Reigns some more as Cesaro takes the mic. Cole did mention that Bo is under the weather tonight. Cesaro says Sheamus forgot someone. He thanks RAW Tag Team Champions Seth…

Hell in a Cell Results

The opening match Sunday night featured Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin defeating The Hype Bros in a fast-paced, electrifying contest.Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley controlled the pace of the match, working over the smaller Gable. A big moonsault allowed the Olympian to make the hot tag to Benjamin and the action broke down.At one point, with Gable disposed of at ringside, it looked like Ryder and Rawley were on their way to victory. They could not execute The Hype Ryder, though, and Benjamin answered with Paydirt to Ryder. The finisher, which had won the former intercontinental and United States champion so many matches in the past, was broken up by Rawley.The babyfaces deposited the 2017 Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner on the arena floor and turned their attention to Ryder, who they pinned following their double-team finisher.The contest was well-structured, featured good and dramatic near-falls late and saw the right team go over.Especially considering who …

Go Home

As with yesterday's Raw, the show opens with the roster on the stage for a moment of reflection in memory of the lives lost in Las Vegas, and from there we get a recap video covering last week's portion of the feud between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal.Live in the arena, Renee Young introduces Shinsuke for an interview. He thinks a moment before responding and says that sticks and stones may break his bones, but the words never hurt him. He says the greatest fear of all is the fear of the unknown, but Jinder will know when he beats him and becomes WWE Champion.Enter the Singh Brothers. They're sorry to interrupt this "thrilling" interview but they have to introduce their guy in their usual fashion. He blindsides Nakamura in the ring and starts beating him down Crossface blows into a stomp to the back, drawing him up but the King of Strong Style gets a rush off and lays him out with a roundhouse.The Singhs run interference but Shinsuke dumps them with ease, …