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Ms. Money in the Bank

The SmackDown Live General Manager, Daniel Bryan kicked off the night saying that he was proud of the women's evolution. He began talking about the Women’s MITB rematch but was cut by Carmella, who said that SmackDown Live was the land of injustice. She justified her win at Money In The Bank, stating the clear rules that there is no disqualification. After continuing to justify her win, Daniel Bryan said he made his decision. James Ellsworth cut him off and dissed the crowd and was met with “Ellsworth sucks” chants. He said that he used to look up to Bryan, then dissed him and said that he made up an injury because he didn’t have the guts to mix it up in the ring. Bryan said that he wasn’t going to ban Ellsworth from ringside for the match, but would ban him from the entire arena. He called security, and Ellsworth had a hilarious run from the security but was eventually caught. Bryan then wished Carmella good luck for her match. The Hype Bros started with the momentum. Back after …

James Wins for Carmella and Maria Kanellis Returns

Money in the Bank was an interesting show as are all the products produced by WWE, the first match of the card not including the pre-show was the Women's Ladder match which started off with Tamina dominated in the early going, slamming ladders into everyone who tried to step into the ring. Natalya cleared the ring and had her fingertips on the briefcase before Charlotte yanked her off a ladder. Other participants collided into each other as momentum shifted from wrestler to wrestler. Lynch seemed to be closing in on the victory when James Ellsworth pushed her off a ladder. He unhooked the briefcase to give it to Carmella. Referees bickered over whether that should allow Carmella to win. Both Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan sent out tweets saying they’d address the situation on Smackdown this week. I think that throughout the match they could have used the dynamic of the Welcoming Committee but WWE chose not to what a missed opportunity they could have eve…

NAKAMURA grabbed the Breifcase

I did not post on Monday sorry about that I just didn't watch Monday Night Raw until Tuesday because I was watching NJPW Dominion instead if you haven't watched it I strongly encourage you to do OMG the Omega Okada match might not have been like the Wrestle Kingdom but it was still an incredibly entertaining match. The whole card was great nothing but great work all round. This is what happened this week on Smackdown Live.
What Happened on Smackdown Live:

The show opened with The New Day being played to the ring by a marching band, The New Day started playing to the crowd, but they were interrupted by The Usos. The Usos were in turn interrupted by Breezango, who were then interrupted by The Colons This led to the big eight-man tag team match. Back from the break andJimmy Usowants Kofi to start with him instead of Fandango, Kofi tags in but Jimmy tags out and Epicocomes in he goes at it with Kofi. Kofi drops Epico with an elbow for a 2 count Xavier tags in and they double t…

Does Lana Deserve A Title Shot?

This what happened on SmackDown Live this week hope you enjoyed the show i know i do Smackdown has had my attention especially with what they have been doing with the Women's division compares to Raw great job to the Creative team on Smackdown WOO! and please subscribe if you are not so you don't miss out when I post and comment down below what you think and any suggestions you have on posts I should do or even shows I should cover thank you for reading. 
What Happened on SmackDown Live: 

Smackdown Live starting off with a video from the Women's number one contender's match last week, the show kicking off with the all five Women in the ring with Shane making his way to the ring. He gives each Woman in the ring a personal introduction before revealing the Money in the Bank briefcase which I'm 50/50 on its cute but I don't know it could have been like the guy's briefcase I'm whatever about it. Interrupted by James Ellsworth and his catchphrase duh! about …

Who Attacked Big Cass?

I didn't post for Extreme Rules I watched it today in the morning and I was busy overall a good show there were some downs. Like the Women's match and the way some matches ended but the main event was good, I liked it. Though these days i prefer to watch SmackDown Live and watch Raw later nd even when i do watch it just falls flat for me especially in the Women's division but I am interested in the Cass storyline and how Corey Graves fits in there along with the Kurt Angle situation he is also involved in, Can't wait for The Revival to come back love them they are truly Top Guys, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder just waiting for the Tag Team Titles to be around their waist and for Matt Hardy to finally be BROKEN. This is what happened on Monday Night Raw after what took place at Extreme Rules Will WWE creative ever know what to do with Bayley? Who is up next for Alexa Bliss? Will the new Tag Champions be the cause of BROKEN Matt? Will he be joined by Brother NERO? Will the…

SAni†Y Found Their Match

This what happened on NXT this week hope you enjoy and please subscribe if you are not so you don't miss out when I post and comment down below what you think and any suggestions you have on what posts I should do or even shows I should cover thank you for reading also don't forget to also share my posts.      This Week on NXT:

    Tommaso Ciampa in crutches comes into the ring to explain his actions from TakeOver where he betrayed his former partner Johnny Gargano. He calls Johnny out to the ring, the camera pans to the ramp knowing he is not going to show up at NXT this week, Ciampa carries on about the injury he had prior to TakeOver: Chicago saying everyone had questions about his ability to compete that night but he didn't have a doubt in his mind that he was going to be there and fight with his partner. Ciampa continues to talk about how after his injury people wanted to replace him and that he knew that when push came to shove Garganio would replace him just like th…